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Oca 20, 2018

| What is the importance of being a supplier for an automobile racing competition?

Fremax is proud to be an Official and Exclusive Supplier of Stock Car Brazil and Porsche Cup Brazil. Consequently, we considerably increase the safety of drivers. But do you know the real difference between sponsors and suppliers of the competitions? Find out and learn why Fremax is, most definitely, the real brake for you.


Sponsors financially help competitions. That is, companies invest money so that teams can grow and cover their costs, without directly interfering in the vehicles performance.


On the other hand, for each automobile competition it's essential that there are companies which supply the necessary equipment for the vehicles (such as brakes, engines, tires). These companies are called suppliers. Fremax has been the Official and Exclusive Supplier of brake discs to Stock Car Brazil for 12 years and to Porsche Cup Brazil for 5 years. This means that all the teams of the two largest motorsport championships in Latin America use and rely on Fremax brake discs, which are designed exclusively for the competitions.

Besides developing brake discs exclusively for the competitions, after each race Fremax analyzes brake performance information to further improve their performance.