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Oca 20, 2018

| See 4 studies that confirm: headlights turned on during the day can make traffic safer

In May of this year Law No. 13.290 came into force in Brazil, which made daytime running lights mandatory on highways, even during the day. But do you know how this attitude can increase the safety of drivers?

Here are some facts that inspired the laws creation in Brazil and understand the benefits that this simple action can bring to roadway traffic:

  • The law has already helped to significantly reduce the number of accidents in several countries, such as Canada, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

  • With the headlights on, the vehicle's visibility can increase by over 60%!

  • Headlight usage can reduce vehicle collisions by at least 5%, according to the American Association of Road Safety.

  • Headlights enhance the drivers vision by approximately 3 kilometers!

Violating the law can lead to fines of R$85.13 and 4 points on the driver's license. And it's also important to say that using the DRL (Daytime Running Lights) available in some cars do not fit the terms established by law. Now that you know the benefits of this action, do your part and help make traffic truly safe.