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gen 20, 2018

| 10 cattive abitudini per la durata della tua auto

The vehicle's lifetime depends greatly on how you drive. Therefore, we separated 10 simple habits you should avoid so that there is no premature wear of your car.

  1. Using the fuel reserve.

This habit increases the risk of overheating the fuel pump, since it prevents the engines heat exchange. Moreover, the possibility of a sudden stop due to lack of fuel could seriously damage it.

  1. Turning the steering wheel when the vehicle is stationary.

To avoid overloading the power steering system and damaging seals which can cause hydraulic oil leaks, only turn the steering wheel with the car moving.

  1. Resting your foot on the clutch pedal.

Stepping on the clutch without need may reduce the service life of the system by up to half.

  1. Driving in flooded areas.

Water can enter the vehicle bearings and corrode its components, such as wheel bearings, tensioners and belt. Furthermore, the electrical system may be seriously damaged.

  1. Abruptly accelerating just after starting the engine.

You must wait a few seconds for the lubricant to coat the parts. Otherwise, the friction generated will wear them out.

  1. Not opening and closing windows regularly.

Operating the car windows daily avoids possible lockups and the systems parts from breaking, as well as helping to remove dirt on sweep and runner channels. It's a simple act that makes a big difference in your car's maintenance.

  1. Hanging too many keys on the car's keychain.

A very heavy key chain can damage the ignition, because its weight can cause play in the ignition lock cylinder.

  1. Riding with open windows on roads.

At high speeds, wind enters the open window reducing the vehicle's aerodynamics. This requires the engine to work harder.

  1. Resting your hand on the gearshift.

Even this simple act can make a difference when caring for your car. By regularly resting your hand on the gear shifter, its weight can cause the gear shift fork to lose its shape and, because of this, worsen the gear changes.

  1. Turning off the car, leaving the sound system and AC switched on.

When starting the car again, the motor must exert a greater force, which will also generate an increase in fuel consumption.

Fremax Tip: brake discs and drums improperly installed or without maintenance also will require the vehicle to work harder and therefore will increase its wear. To check-out the habits that impair the car's braking system, click here.